Shopping in Rain

After a long time, it was the first time I went out for shopping in rain. I have never went for shopping in rain. That too in bus which was full of many small holes through which many rain droplets came into the bus. My school is going to take us to Mysore, India for... Continue Reading →


The one thing that I want to change about myself…

Everyone is different from their point of view. Everyone wants to live their life in the way they want. Because they have one life and they want to enjoy it. I am also a girl, a human being like everyone out there. Then why should I alone live for others? Yes, everyone wants me to... Continue Reading →

My Summer Vacation…

I love spending my summer vacations creatively. Like that, this year also I tried spending it creatively. I always do thing I like and make me feel happy and satisfied. I was searching for man summer camp and classes in and around my area. One day, my mom found an advertisement regarding photography class in... Continue Reading →

The day I met my First Love…

In our life, everyone will have love that we will never forget. Most of them think that love is something that is between a girl and a boy. But according to me, love is a kind of feeling on other who we like the most. Therefore a love can be between a girl and her... Continue Reading →

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